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News of the week round up, July 3 2020

Howdy rum lovers, let’s start this first selection of news (there is also a French version with more French-focused news and bear in mind that English is not my native tongue 😉 ).

The news (and controversy) of the week

Plantation Rum has announced it will change its name stirring a lot of controversy on social media. The new name has yet to be decided so… much ado about nothing? I know someone must be enjoying this.


The Lone Caner has tried the Habitation Velier Monymusk 2010 EMB. The HV series has very often been regarded as kind of an underdog compared with its Demeraras and Caronis. Time to change your mind with this beauty.

Thumbs up too for the Chairman’s Reserve 2005 Vintage from Wes Burgin. Seems like a good candidate to initiate your friends to an authentic classic molasses rum.

Roger Caroni gave the Black Barrel Double Cask Blend and XO Triple Casks from Mount Gay a try.

A drink with

Marius From Single Cask Rum had a little chat with Dominik Marwede, brand ambassador and product manager at Rum Artesanal, a small German bottler getting a lot of momentum and that we like very much.

Rumflix & chill

I’m always eager to watch Zavvy lives. This one is all about Lance Surujbally aka The Lone Caner : the man has an impressive 10 years of blogging and over 700 tastings. You will learn about his humble beginnings, funny moments with other bloggers at Rum Fests, how he conducts his tastings… Must see!

Another interesting Zavvy live from last week, this time by Matt Pietrek with the staff from National Rums of Jamaica (NRJ). Teaser : Long Pond will release its official range of rums for the first time ever this year.

Note : do you see what I see in the Youtube embed under the Monymusk logo? Interesting…

European Rum & Cocktail Online Festival

The chaps at RumCask don’t want you to get bored on August 8. They’ve prepared you a nice little voyage in the Rumiverse with over 25 2 cl samples (Foursquare, Trinidad Distillers, Damoiseau…) and the preparation of 4 cocktails live from 4 reknown bars like Dirty Dick. You’ve got 7 days to treat yourself with an early bird ticket. More information on their website.

That’s it for this week, may the rum be with you!